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As a successful franchisee we can help. So you have bought a franchise and your ready to get started.

That is awesome! Congrats to you and your team. Here are some services that CCC can offer you.

Slaters 5050 Catering
Cutting Catering

We can do a site visit and help you with staffing and training your management team.

We can do on site training and housing for your team in sunny California, within the flagship of Patxis Pizza as a franchisee or your Slater’s 5050 location. The president is not just a franchisee but has also run Slater’s 50/50 & Patxis Pizza as an operator and has a vast restaurant background. The management comprises team members who have been with Slater’s 50/50, Patxis Pizza and CCC since the beginning as managers. We can also certify your team in sanitation and alcohol service “on-the-spot!” We can help you with our experience in obtaining licensing as a franchisee.

We even have a Management Partner Program to manage for you!

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